Dubai allows face mask exemption for medical reasons: COVID 19

Dubai allows face mask exemption for medical reasons as it eases COVID 19 measures


Dubai suspends Air India Express flights for flying in COVID-19 positive passengers

UAE rules dictate that all passengers flying in from India need to carry original COVID-negative certificates to gain entry into the...


Emirates Cricket Board receives letter of intent from BCCI to hold IPL 2020 in the UAE

The Emirates Cricket Board has received the official Letter of Intent from the Board of Control for Cricket in India to host the 2020...


Valid -ve COVID report not mandatory for Indian passengers to UAE below 12

Air India Express has said in its website that, "For children below 12 years, Covid-19 PCR Test is not mandatory,” in its latest update.


UAE’s Hope Probe goes further from Earth as it heads to Mars

UAE has successfully launched the Hope probe to Mars, the first in the Arab world to do so, after a memorable and historic Arabic countdown.


UAE becomes first Arab nation to launch space mission to Mars

“Hope” is expected to begin transmitting information back to Earth in September 2021, with its data available for scientists around the...


UAE counts down to being first Arab country to launch Mars probe

T minus less than 12 hours till the UAE Mars Hope Probe lift-off!


Indian Embassy in UAE removes restrictions on passport renewal applications

Embassy of India Abu Dhabi has decided to remove all restrictions on passport renewal applications from July 15.


UAE lauds and backs Saudi Arabia’s drastic curbs on haj to Mecca

After months of deliberation, Saudi Arabia announced that the number of people on the annual haj pilgrimage to Mecca will be drastically...


Businesses in Dubai and Hotels in Abu Dhabi to reopen with strict guidelines

Dubai businesses will gradually resume operations with no restrictions on movement between 6 am and 11 pm, while hotels in Abu Dhabi will...


Hero is what Hero does: Salman Khan to Indians in UAE

Bollywood actor Salman Khan conveyed a special message to the Indian diaspora in the UAE, as the country continues its battle against...


Golden visas for expat doctors and grace period for expired visas amid COVID-19 in UAE

In UAE ten-year golden visas will be granted to 212 expat doctors and holders of expired visas have been granted a three month grace period,...


Emirates to resume passenger flights from 21 May

Dubai-based Emirates has announced that it will resume scheduled passenger flight services from May 21 to nine destinations in 8 countries.


India’s repatriation operation gathers momentum as two flights land in Kerala

India’s gargantuan repatriation operation, Vande Bharat Mission, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, gathers momentum as the first of...


Two special flights to operate from UAE to India on May 7

Two special flights to operate from UAE to India on May 7 2020. as the Government of India undertakes the massive task of repatriating them...


UAE’s Sheikh Mohammed plans for national strategy in post Covid-19 era

UAE develops national strategy for the post Covid-19 era while Dubai hails medical developments amid ease in movement restrictions.


Making a Move to Sharjah? Here are Some Facts You Might like to Know


Indians stranded in UAE due to COVID-19 can register at Indian mission’s online portal

A data collection form has been launched by the Indian embassy in the UAE to create an online database of Indians who wish to travel back to...


Abu Dhabi and Dubai malls are reopening amid strict guidelines

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are reopening malls under strict guidelines and subject to approval their respective Department of Economic Development.


Street parades and celebrations mark relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions in Dubai

Dubai's Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management has eased restrictions on movement in Al Ras and Naif in Dubai.


UAE government kickstarts plans to gradually offset economic impact of COVID-19

Abu Dhabi plans the opening of its malls and shopping centres while Dubai World Trade Centre plans to aid businesses in its ecosystem in...


WHO issues Ramadan guideline, UAE issues Fatwas and Indian Islamic scholars appeal for a StayHome Ramadan

Special Ramadan guidelines have been issued by various quarters to ensure safe distancing measures during the coronavirus pandemic.


Crude Oil prices rebound after plunging below $0 for the first time in human history

Crude oil plunged to below USD 0.00 for the first time in human history. This means that producers may actually have to pay people to take...


Indian mission in UAE is facilitating 3.4 million coronavirus-hit Indian expats

The Indian mission in UAE is facilitating 3.4 million coronavirus-hit Indian expats, lending a helping hand to many of them with...


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